Top 3 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

If you’re considering listing your home for sale, there are probably a lot of “to-do” items on your list to get everything ready to go on the market. When you go to sell your home, you’ll want to make sure you get the most that you can and that means you’ll need to make your house look great. A home that is well maintained and has great showing potential can help bring in more buyers and help you get the price that you want out of the home sale. So how do you make your home look more expensive? There are some great ways to do this.

#1: Paint.
Interior and exterior paint can make a huge difference. It gives your home a bit of a makeover and potential homebuyers often respond to a space that appears to be clean and fresh. Interior colors should be neutral, as more unusual colors like bright blue or dark purple could cause buyers to react negatively. Instead, ivory or gray could be a good choice because they are basically neutral and appear classy.

#2: De-clutter.
Your home should come across as a place of comfort and relaxation, but if it’s cluttered, it can distract people from seeing the true beauty and unique nuances that your home has to offer. In addition, rooms that are cluttered with extra items could make the space feel closed in and smaller, sometimes smaller than it actually is! As you think about moving, start going through closets and rooms and get rid of the extra “stuff” that has built up over time. Organize one area at a time and load up different bins with items you want to keep, donate, recycle, or throw away completely.

#3: New fixtures and appliances.
Updated fixtures and appliances makes your home stylish and desirable to potential homeowners because they know they won’t have to take care of replacing these items for many years down the road. Older fixtures could make the home appear outdated and if you have them replaced, it shows that you’re committed to keeping the home up with current trends. Newer appliances are also very appealing, because homeowners won’t have to worry about going out and buying something that fits the home and they will be able to rely on those appliances for a long time. This is a huge selling point and is well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for other ways to freshen up your home and update it before you plan on listing it, I’m glad to help you with what home repairs, updates, or remodels can yield the best return for you.  Give me a call today to discuss.

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What is the top decorating color for 2017?

In 2016, common décor colors used in homes were known to be soft, calm, and tranquil, but 2017 will bring brighter, more vibrant colors to the home decorating scene. Green has been named this year’s top color choice for decorating, which is sure to add pizzazz to any space. Here are some great ways to incorporate this color into your home’s style.

Incorporate natural greenery:
If green is the color of the year, integrating natural greenery into your home a great option to make your home warm and inviting. Real greenery throughout your home will bring new life to your space. Potted plants with brightly colored ceramic pots are great options. Or, consider adding indoor hanging succulents or other hanging plants with trailing stems for dramatic beauty in any room of your home.

Pillows, pillows, pillows:
If you don’t want embrace green completely, but you’re looking for an added pop of color, green accent pillows can be a good way to bring in the green to living room or bedrooms. Or, add green throw blankets to your couches, love seats, or beds.

Change out window dressings:
New window coverings can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a room. If you’ve considered making a change to your window dressings, green curtains could be a fun option. Curtains can make a dramatic statement, even on a small budget.

Add color to your walls with new wallpaper and paint:
Wallpapers today are elegant and gorgeous, unlike wallpapers of the past that curled easily or were almost impossible to remove. If you’re not sure about using wallpaper on all of the walls, put it on just one wall, then find an accent paint color that will make the room stand out. There are some unique tropical wallpapers and other bright floral wallpaper designs available right now that could be a great way to change the whole look of your favorite room in the house.

There are lots of ways that you can integrate green into your home’s decor this year. No matter how big or small your decorating budget is, it can add distinct color and vibrancy to the space that it may have been missing before!


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Latest options for dining room lighting


Your dining room is a gathering space – the perfect place to entertain guests and to relax with some good food and fun conversations. If you’re planning on updating your dining space and you need the perfect light fixture to help bring all of your interior design ideas together, there are a lot of great options out there to choose from. Whether it’s a grand chandelier or track lighting that add ambiance, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll want to pick a light fixture that not only provides enough light, but one that complements your overall style and is sized correctly for the room and its furniture. Here are some of the most popular light fixtures out there right now.

Option #1: Chandeliers.
If you have an elegant space that you want to add a touch of sophistication to, a chandelier is a great way to do that, while also adding an instant focal point to the room. Crystal chandeliers are incredibly popular right now, especially for homes that have traditional dining room spaces. Chandeliers with dangling crystals can really accent dark wood floors or trim and they also provide plenty of soft light.

Option #2: Wall sconces.
This type of light fixture is mounted directly on the walls of the home. If you already have enough light for general lighting, wall sconces can be used as an accent feature by installing them into wall corners. They can help create a cozy, more intimate feel to dining rooms, especially when combined with candles.

Option #3: Pendant lighting.
This type of lighting is very versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of décor preferences. Pendant lights hang from a single chain and let off light throughout the room. They can come in bright colors or light shades so you can contrast your décor with the light easily. If you prefer a more traditional style, there are chandelier pendant lights that illuminate the space with classic elegance.

Option #4: Track lighting.
Track lighting is very popular for homes that have modern, contemporary, or industrial design themes. This lighting is very bright and it’s easy to install, either being installed flush to the ceiling or dangling from chains. They hold a variety of light styles including spotlights, mini-lanterns, and much more.

No matter what style you prefer for your dining room, there is a light that will make the area warm and inviting. A stand out light can transform the whole room!

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How to create the perfect “man cave”


The idea of a “man cave” has become incredibly popular in the last several years. It’s often a relaxing gathering area where the guys of the house can have some space to kick back and relax. The design can vary greatly depending on each person’s likes, dislikes, and interests. Maybe it’s an area with a big screen television to watch the latest football games or an area that is surrounded with floor to ceiling books and a comfortable chair to read and smoke a cigar. Creating the perfect “man cave” can be a great way to incorporate comfort and sophistication to your home.

Tip #1: Pick a theme.
What kind of man cave do you want? Do you want an area to play video games, watch the game, or a place to read and unwind? Decide what purpose this space will serve, then decorate and accent accordingly. For example, the ultimate man cave may have a television and game console, a fridge to keep snacks and beverages cold, a pool table, seating, and some elegant lighting.

Tip #2: Pick a cozy color.
The first step is finding a wall color that will work well. Man caves are notoriously simply decorated with plenty of dark, rich colors including dark browns, blues, or grays then accented with plenty of lighting.

Tip #3: Simple décor.
Keep wall art to a minimum with just a few classy pieces. For example, consider adding some vintage beer advertisement or a classic antique painting. The finishing touches are where you can add pieces of comfort like some cozy seating, soft area rugs, or some throw pillows. 

In addition, make sure that you have proper ventilation and air temperature control. If your space is the garage, be sure that it’s equipped with an air conditioner or a space heater to use during the summer and winter months. Building this separate living space will provide an area that will allow you to relax and invite some friends over on a regular basis. With a little planning and creativity, you can transform an average basement, the side of the garage, or an extra bedroom into a unique and inviting lounging space.

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Top color trends for home décor in 2016


Home design & décor is a personal decision – everyone has their own preferences and favorite colors, but every year there seems to be new trends in colors and styles. For 2016, interior design professionals have projected what some of the most popular colors for the year will be. And…here they are!

Color trend #1: Purple
Purple is elegant and sophisticated and experts predict that purple hues will be very popular this year. Lilac tones are soothing and warm, while rich violet colors create a calming sense of romance to the space. Pairing purple tones with other warm colors like blues and grays make the colors popular for living rooms and dining rooms especially.

Color trend #2: Creamy Blue
Light blues create a tranquil environment and are wonderful for both inside and outside your home. Milky blues can be even more stylish when accented with dark black or gray tones, or whites for an airy feel. Or, pair with bright oranges or yellows for a bold statement to your home.

Color trend #3: Dark Teal
This color is making its way back into a lot of homes recently because it’s versatile and works great for homes that have rich wood. It adds a pop of color but is also easily accented with golds or brass, or fresh whites, making it a glamourous but contemporary choice.  

Color trend #4: Bright Whites
The shabby chic design trend is hot right now and when you think of white, don’t think it has to be boring. In fact, white is the complete opposite of boring when you balance it out with bright accent colors. Whether it’s vivid floral drapery, bright furnishings, or brilliant art pieces, white can make a statement. For those that don’t enjoy the use of eye-popping colors, accent white walls with dark grays or stark black. This will give your home a clean and fresh look that’s simply timeless.

Your home is your haven – your place of relaxation and comfort. Whether it’s a spacious one level ranch or a sprawling two-story home in the country, have fun embracing your unique design style. Colors can add ambience and beauty to your space and help make your house a home. 

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